October Presents: Make it Flesh

photo of shopping mall tide pools

Asphalt Tide Pools and Beachcombers

This ocean, removed. We haunt the abandoned concrete beaches. We search the asphalt tide pools, in hopes of a quarter. Of change? We march single file to hide our true numbers. We know these empty buildings will out last us.

K. Shawn Edgar | From Where I Ride | Flesh & Bone | October 2018 Mid Valley


Flicks in Time

Slideshow Projector

K. Shawn Edgar | Aires Bourne | Focus Wheel | Spun Wool

Corvallis Alliance Back Streets

K. Shawn Edgar | Asphalt Melancholy

Mr. Pants Tribute

K. Shawn Edgar | Mr. Pants Forever | Much Love | Cat God | Early 2003 to September 03, 2018

Projected Reflections


Today I’m circling back 17 years, slowly clutching the moments from when I went out the front door without a pocket handkerchief, but sterile and fresh from tiptoe to top of head. Our there and back again would be to OHSU Portland, through a sleep haze of sedation, and back to the little apartment on the hill.


K. Shawn Edgar | 2001 – 2018 August to August | Remembering and Returning


Chrome Jacket, Muddy

K. Shawn Edgar | 2018 | Chrome Riding Gear