Spacetime Hertz

a photo

Spacesuit Sally

SpaceTimeHertz v2 Edgar 2018

Digging Earth Orange

SpaceTimeHertz v3 Edgar 2018

Ghost Ship

SpaceTimeHertz v4 Edgar 2018

Castro Naut Overlay

SpaceTimeHertz v5 Edgar 2018



Silver Dots: Track Bike Beach Day

Paths Traveled…

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K. Shawn Edgar | Circle Gold | Track Bike Beach Day | Skinny Tire Enabled

Our Suburban Sea

photo of dead sea gull

The Last Sea Gull

K. Shawn Edgar | Grounded Flyer | Concrete, Stuck on You | Photo 2108

October Presents: Make it Flesh

photo of shopping mall tide pools

Asphalt Tide Pools and Beachcombers

This ocean, removed. We haunt the abandoned concrete beaches. We search the asphalt tide pools, in hopes of a quarter. Of change? We march single file to hide our true numbers. We know these empty buildings will out last us.

K. Shawn Edgar | From Where I Ride | Flesh & Bone | October 2018 Mid Valley

Flicks in Time

Slideshow Projector

K. Shawn Edgar | Aires Bourne | Focus Wheel | Spun Wool

Corvallis Alliance Back Streets

K. Shawn Edgar | Asphalt Melancholy

Mr. Pants Tribute

K. Shawn Edgar | Mr. Pants Forever | Much Love | Cat God | Early 2003 to September 03, 2018